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Grid Modernization

Smart grid technologies are made possible by two-way communication technologies, control systems, and computer processing. These technologies include advanced sensors that allow operators to assess grid stability, digital meters that give consumers better information and automatically report outages, relays that sense and recover from grid faults automatically, automated feeder switches that re-route power around problem areas, and batteries that store excess energy and make it available to the grid to meet customer demand.

Willdan's team was competitively selected as part of the State of New York's innovative $40 million PRIZE program to perform microgrid feasibility assessments for eight communities in New York, most of which are nearing completion. Since 2008, our staff were key in the feasibility, design, management, and measurement and verification (M&V) of the smarter, more sustainable power grid at the campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago-a world-class $14 million project, called IIT Perfect Power.

Willdan's team has the expertise to address the most challenging issues facing the utility industry over the next decade in an open and collaborative manner. Leveraging the unique capabilities of academia, utilities, and private enterprise, Willdan determines the best ways to deploy and support advanced Smart Grid technologies in an effort to manage the growing amounts of renewables, energy storage, and microgrids in a secure and reliable environment.

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Microgrid Related Practices

  • Microgrid Feasibility and Planning Study
    • The Advanced Grid Technology (AGT) team performs microgrid feasibility analysis studies to identify microgrid capabilities, develop technical design cost and configuration, and assess microgrid commercial and financial feasibility cost and benefit analyses.
  • Microgrid Design
    • The team has expertise in developing and applying the state-of-art microgrid grid technologies to resolve the most important challenges the operators or customers may encounter at present or in the future.
  • Microgrid Operation and Analysis
    • The team has experience in applying high-reliability distribution system for enhancing reliability, new sustainable energy sources (roof-top solar panels, wind generation units, flow batteries and charging stations for electric vehicles), and smart building automation technology (building controllers, Zigbee sensors, controllable loads) for energy efficiency and demand response.

Representative Project: 9 NY Prize Community Microgrid Assessment

Willdan has financial and technically studied and created feasibility plans for eight advanced community microgrids in the State of New York under NYSERDA's NY Prize Program. Community Microgrids are robust local energy networks that are able to separate from the surrounding electric grid during extreme weather or other emergencies. These networks are able to provide heat and power from local generation sources to sustain the operation of hospitals, first responders, emergency shelters, and community residences.