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Smart City

Smart cities deploy or currently pilot the integration of information, communications, and technology (ICT) solutions across different functional areas including Transportation, Energy, Waste and Water, Communications, and Security. Smart city solutions integrate information and communication technologies to help localities improve the services they provide on a daily basis. These services include four dimensions, named Energy, Water, Security, and Transportation.

Willdan provides full-service engineering and technical analysis to help commercial customers, government agencies, and utility companies across the U.S. reach their smart city goals. Willdan has the capability to identify opportunities, plan, finance, and implement Smart City projects. Our service offerings are founded on our core competencies- energy auditing, benchmarking, engineering, energy modeling, commissioning, retro-commissioning, M&V-and customized to address our clients' specific needs. We deliver cost-effective, results-driven solutions that draw from the experience and talent of our nationally-recognized professionals.

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Smart Cities Related Practices

  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
    • Nation-wide energy efficiency
    • San Diego Gas & Electric Local Capacity Requirement Program
    • Con Edison Small Business Direct Install Program
  • Mobility and Intelligent Transportation
    • Brea Traffic Control Technology (ITS components)
  • Big Data Communication and Processing
  • Water, Waste, Emissions, Green Living, and Environmental Management
    • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Water Savers Program
  • Cyber- Physical Security and Information Privacy
    • Orange County Transportation Authority, Security Awareness Training
    • Sacramento County Emergency Operations Exercise
    • City of Los Angeles Tsunami Preparedness Project

Representative Project: 9 NY Prize Community Microgrid Assessment

Willdan has financial and technically studied and created feasibility plans for eight advanced community microgrids in the State of New York under NYSERDA's NY Prize Program. Community Microgrids are robust local energy networks that are able to separate from the surrounding electric grid during extreme weather or other emergencies. These networks are able to provide heat and power from local generation sources to sustain the operation of hospitals, first responders, emergency shelters, and community residences.